Vidhya Ranganathan

After an year at Auth0...

Published on May 24, 2019

The first half of 2019 has vanished in a blink of an eye. I am just back from my company offsite and I cannot wait to brag about it. So, I had to break my hiatus to write about how awesome Auth0 is!

For starters, Auth0 is an Identity as Service(IDaaS) company. In simple words, we provide authentication and authorization as a service. If you are a web application developer and is looking to implement login flows for your app, Auth0 helps you with it. We are a startup and we just turned 7. Last week we made the big announcement that we are a Unicorn company.

A unicorn is a privately held startup company valued at over $1 billion.

Apart from the fact that the product is stellar and highly developer friendly, there are few things that are really unique about Auth0. From an insider's perspective, I think these are the stuff that sets it apart and fuels its growth!

Distributed workforce

Most of Auth0's employees' are remote! Yes, full time remote! GitLab and Auth0 are two big unicorns whose workforce is predominantly remote and global. The blessing here is that we get to interact and work with great minds across the globe.



The first thing that you will notice here is how transparent the entire organization.

Our core philosophy is based on the principles of collaboration, experimentation, learning, transparency, and passion.

Every employee will be well informed about the processes and decisions that happen in the company, so much so that most of us can tell you who our enterprise customers are!

This transparency spreads across different horizons. The environment is healthy to intiate discussions about different approaches. People assume best intentions and you will not be judged!

Leadership team


That's our CEO and CTO during the first day of our offsite!

The leadership team doesn't stay inside closed doors and makes decisions. They are always with the team and listening with open mind and ears.

Such an approachable leadership team is a pleasure to work with! This team is the primary reason for the success of this company.


People matter

Given most of the employees are remote, every year Auth0 conducts a company-wide offsite. I have been with Auth0 for more than a year now and last week was my first company offsite.

This year we met at Hyatt Ziva, Los Cabos.


The venue was, no doubt, extraordinary. For a person who is working remotely, it is a blessing to be in an all-inclusive resort for a week!

What stood out the most was this one event:


This is a bonfire with our CTO. The leadership team took extra efforts to be available amongst us.

Given the pace at which we are growing, they could have easily focused on planning for the upcoming challenges. They choose to invest in reinforcing how much people mattered to them.

They spoke about teamwork where they could have bragged about the money made!


Auth0 was built on this culture and this is what makes them unique! The work you do is impactful! The work you do is satisfying! The work you do is recognized! Most of all, you are valued!

This is not a paid post! I m genuinely happy about my workplace

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